Inner child meditation

INNER CHILD MEDITATION (ICM) is based on the belief that what we experience as a child between 1 to 7 years old, has a profound impact on the way we live and love today. The way we are treated by our parents or other caretakers is what shapes our belief system. As we don’t have another reference of what seems normal and familiar at that time, we tend to carry this belief system in us also as grown-ups, for instance – we love the same way as we were loved.

Unravelling the question “What happened to you?” is a good starting point of understanding the limiting beliefs and traumas which hinder people to move forward or what might be the reason people stumble regularly over the same problems in relationships and finding themselves unhappy without really understanding why they cannot change. This process is the first step towards a healing process of the inner child, forgiving yourself of what you had to go through back then as a little child. ICM is an important technique to enable a maturing process towards emotional adulthood. It helps first connecting the client with nature and the universe through inner soul work and clearing limiting beliefs to guide him towards finding new fulfilment in work and life.

Reconnect with the nature
- Retreats -

I organize meditation sessions and retreats in beautiful places, in Switzerland as well as Kenya, to reconnect with nature and its energy!