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Let's talk about relationships and love

If you are in search of new connections, networking, friends, love, …
Whether you are single, in a relationship, a woman, a man, genderfluid, gay, straight, …
Or simply part of the amazing spectrum of life, come to my events!
It’s a simple, real, and sharing moment, with committed persons!

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Love & relatioship coaching

Why is it so hard to break up a bad relationship? Why do I stay in a relationship which makes me unhappy?

Why do I fall in love but not stay in love?

I am unsure what I want in my relationship. I always fall in love with the wrong partner.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If it does, wether you are single or in a partnership, contact me and book a session.

Here’s what I am convinced of:

Love is not about falling in love.
Love is about being in love.
To attract love, you need to love yourself first.

What you will learn:

How to find the right love.
How to be in love and not fall in love.
How to keep the love alive.
How to know when you have found the right partner.
How to live a fulfilled love life.
How to recognize a narcissist before you fall in the trap.
How to get out safely of a toxic relationship.
How to end a relationship with a narcissist.
How to protect your children when separating and divorcing.